The Most Difficult Things To Move

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Packing clothes, books, and photographs seems like a fun and easy take-off for the entire family. However, the moving process implies a little more. When it comes to something heavier than a cardboard box of kids’ shoes, everyone begins to understand that help with moving is necessary.

Got2Move, which is one of the best moving companies in Santa Rosa, is ready to help you to cope with the most difficult things to move.

Top 6 Types of Items

There are six types of the most difficult items to move:

  • Fish tanks. They are always made of glass and require a careful approach. Moreover, cleaning systems cannot be damaged.
  • This musical instrument could not be disassembled and folded. Additionally, it can only be transported in a certain position.
  • Art objects. Small and big art objects require very neat packaging. It is necessary to have special packaging equipment like bubble paper or foam plastic for paintings, figurines, vases, wall clocks, etc.
  • Household appliances. The heavyweight of such appliances as fridges, dishwashers, washing machines, etc. causes a lot of inconveniences when moving.
  • Large furniture. It is often difficult to find appropriate transport for a sofa or bed with large dimensions.
  • Although most plants are not large, they require careful moving in a vertical position only.

Find Moving Company

Besides the help with packing and transporting things that are difficult to move, hiring professional movers in San Jose CA ( offers multiple other benefits:

  • Money, time, and strength saving
  • Special transport
  • Availability of necessary moving equipment (containers, cardboard boxes of all sizes, adhesive tape, markers, etc.)
  • Experienced team, which is ready for any surprises

Whatever one may say, people are under great stress and fear when they move. Professional help is not just a physical assistance, which is indispensable when you need to move a fridge, for example. Professional movers organize the entire process, which positively influences people. They receive the necessary moral support and sedation.

You do not need to worry about anything, just determine the moving day and get ready for a new life in a new place.


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