The Most Powerful Anti-Clinton Ad Yet – This Is A Must-Watch!


If you think Hillary Clinton is trustworthy, you are among the minority in the United States. According to an NBC poll, only 11% of Americans feel Clinton is “honest and trustworthy,” and that’s damaging – as well as frightening, considering her main opponent for President of the United States is Donald Trump.

Because few are advocates for either Trump or Clinton, 57% of U.S. citizens (according to a Gallup poll) believe there should be a third-party option on the ballot this November. If Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party is able to rally enough support, he could be on the ballot in all 50 states. This will, at least, present citizens with an alternative option. And, after watching the following video, many more people might just jump on the Johnson bandwagon.

The advertisement, simply titled “Trustworthy?”, is the latest campaign against Clinton released by the America Rising PAC.

As EndingTheFed relays, the advertisement chronicles a myriad of Clinton’s contradictory statements and actions through the course of her political career. Of course, Donald Trump is not without his contradictory statements, either. But what makes this advertisement so compelling is the fact that many of Clinton’s mishaps – from Benghazi to deleting emails to failed attempts at diplomacy – have had deadly consequences.

Watch the chilling video for yourself below:

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