The Unthinkable Reason Why This Former Beauty Queen Went From Glamour Girl To Gone Girl

For those aspiring to make it big, it is said that the glamor and glitz of Hollywood is the real dream. So for Jill Ann Weatherwax , who was crowned with the title of “Miss Hollywood”, it almost made it seem like she had hit the jackpot.

But unfortunately for Jill, her crown would ultimately cause her utter demise.

Out To Become A Star


From a young age, Jill Ann had her heart set on becoming a star. Although she grew up in Michigan, all she wanted to do when she got older was move to California and follow her dream to be in Hollywood. The young and talented Jill Ann graduated from Fenton High School where she was on the track team, as well as part of the Cheerleading Squad. But she was also quite talented at singing and loved to model and strut her stuff.

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