The Wonderful Way Fate Has Brought Two Long Lost Sisters Together

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People oftentimes use the phrase. “It’s a small world” to express awe at coincidences. But they don’t really know just how small the world is. Hillary Harris, 31-years old, for one didn’t realize just how close her biological sister was to her. She had been adopted from birth and always wondered about her real family. She and her biological brother, Tyler, had grown up with Lee and Rochelle Hardy, the wonderful people who adopted them when they were young.

Nonetheless, there was always a longing to know her true roots, and while she did love her family, she also felt the need to see where she came from and why she had been given up for adoption.

The Very Start

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This incredible tale started when Hillary got married and was finally expecting her first child. She always knew that she and Tyler were adopted. She had wondered who their real parents were, but she never actively searched them out. Then, she became a mom and finally felt the need to know her true roots.

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