The World’s First Ever Flying Taxi Made Its Debut For The World To See

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The world has opened up with the help of all forms of transportation. People have mainly used cars to get them from one place to the next. For those who don’t own one, taxis are the way to go. However, these forms of land transportation do have their limitations – traffic.

With the fast-changing world, life needs to find a way to catch up. Time has been wasted simply because of the traffic on the road. Well, this issue may be resolved soon because there is a company that has made a taxi that can actually fly and avoid the clogged streets altogether.

A company caked XPeng created this wonderful piece of innovation. They are the leading tech company that focuses on designing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing smart mobility solutions. They look into diversifying mobility and included on their list are electric vehicles (EVs), electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, and robotics. They are also designing the future of mobility so that their clients’ driving experience are enhanced.

So, when their flying taxi made its maiden voyage, there were 150 people present and their smartphones were out to record this event. They finally had the chance to watch an electric flying car perform a successful test as it landed on Dubai’s skydiving range. This was what the future held and if everything falls into place, then this may be available in cities all over.

Part of the audience was a group of flying taxi companies from all over the world. Because of the success of the event, it seemed as if many of these big names will play a big part in populating the skies with different versions of “eVTOL” vehicles, or “electric vertical take-off and landing.”

So, how does XPeng Motors’ X2 flying taxi look like? It is a teardrop-shaped two-seater EVTOL that can cruise as high as 1,000 meters in elevation and at a speed of 81 miles per hour. At this point, the built-in battery can store electricity for a 35 minute flight. This may suffice for a CEO’s quick carbon-free trip just right across town.

The test done was unmanned and it was done by automated control. “XPeng’s X2’s public display in Dubai represents a significant milestone for XPeng AeroHT and the international achievement of flying cars,” said Brian Gu. He is Vice Chairman and President of XPeng.


“Dubai is a world-renowned ‘City of Innovation,’ which is the reason we decided to hold the X2 first public flight event here. Today’s flight is a major step in XPeng exploration of future mobility,” he added.

This first ever public flight came with the enthusiastic and full support of the Dubai International Chamber of Commerce. They have been deeply involved in the process since the launch of the project by providing consultation to XPENG AEROHT about the strategies. Acting President and CEO Hassan Al Hashemi attended the event and said in his speech, “The first global public flight of the X2 flying car will change the game of future mobility. The flying car is the epitome of ambition, innovation and future-oriented vision that has always inspired Dubai and its leadership. Today, we witnessed a historic moment that will define the next 50 years.”

Bloomberg reported on the test and said that XPeng is in competition with other companies such as TCab Tech, and AutoFlight. They all want to be Asia’s urban air mobility’s leader, which is a market that is expected to reach $1 trillion in the next 20 years.

“The flying car is the epitome of ambition, innovation and future-oriented vision that has always inspired Dubai,” said Hassan Al Hashemi. He is the President and CEO of Dubai Chamber of Commerce.



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