The ‘World’s Saddest Orangutan’ Has Finally Been Set Free!

Credit: IARC
Credit: IAC

When Bujing was just a baby, he was separated from his deceased mother and was sold at a pet shop for a mere $75. There, he spent the majority of his days chained outside of a house located in Borneo, Indonesia.

Unaware of the monkey’s needs, his keepers poorly cared for him. In result, he suffered from malnourishment and even lost his hair. Luckily, activists heard about Bujing’s plight and enlisted the International Animal Rescue (IAC) to come to his aid. In partnership with The Orangutan Project (TOP), the traumatized ape was evacuated to safety.

TruthTheory reports that when the IAC team approached Bujing, the group was startled by what they found. A member explained:

“The rescue team was very alarmed at the condition of the orangutan. Bujing was chained to the side of the house. He looked very thin and had no hair due to malnutrition, which had also impaired his growth.”

Credit: IAC
Credit: IAC

Thankfully, Bujing now knows how good life can be. As is shown in a progress video by IAC (below), the orangutan is thoroughly enjoying his new home. He may not be as big as the other orangutans, due to being malnourished, but he is quickly becoming just as happy.

In an update, the IAC commented:

“He has made amazing progress since his rescue and although he still looks thinner than most of the other rescued orangutans of his age, it is clear he is enjoying the abundance of amazing fruits available at our rescue and rehabilitation centre!”

Watch the progress video of Bujing below!

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