There’s An Entire Island In Japan Overrun With Friendly Bunnies

Ōkunoshima is an animal lover's dream destination.

Rabbits are meek, fluffy and for the most part cute, which is why the idea of an entire island being overrun with the fast-footed creatures is almost too much to handle. Yet, it is a reality.

In Japan, one can find Fox Village and “Cat Heaven Island”, but there’s another small island in the Inland Sea few know about. Named Ōkunoshima, the island is full of curious and approachable bunnies, making it an animal lover’s dream destination.

Ōkunoshima has been aptly nicknamed “Rabbit Island” and is home to all varieties of bunnies. Reportedly, the first cottontails appeared about forty years ago. Now, over three-hundred run wild yet remain interested in humans and the treats they might receive.

Travelers who visit the island are allowed to pet, cuddle, hold and feed the bunnies. Of course, it’s not like they get any choice, as the lovable bunnies with twitching noses have big appetites and a strong desire to receive affections.

Japan Visitor soothes fears on its website, writing:

“There is no difficulty finding the bunnies, from the moment you step off the ferry they come bounding up to visitors hoping to get fed.”

Ōkunoshima is an animal lover’s dream destination.

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It is home to 300+ approachable bunnies.

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Travelers can pet the rabbits…

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…as well as feed and cuddle them.

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No wonder 100,000 tourists visit “Rabbit Island” each summer!

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