These Athletes Have Donated Over $600 Million To Charity – You’ll Be Surprised To See #7!

Credit: Georges Antoni
Credit: Georges Antoni

Professional athletes are best known for their contributions to their respective sport but are less often recognized for their contributions to charity. Whether it’s individual donations to different organizations or people, or they have a foundation (always named after themselves, of course), the following athletes deserve some credit for all that they do.

While many millionaires tend to want to keep all of their money, despite having some wiggle room with their finances oftentimes, there are still many that want to give much of it away to causes they deem worthy or relevant to solving the problems of today’s world. Though they may not have the time to volunteer their own time, their money allows professionals in that field to continue to do their work and effect change.

Find out which 14 athletes give the most charitable donations and who they’re supporting.

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