These Deer Almost Died… But An Incredible Rescue Took Place!

Few bat an eye when photos of deer hunting trophies are posted to Facebook, or Bambi look-a-like roadkill is present on the road. Living in a world that glorifies the sport of hunting, it’s a rare individual (or group) who is willing to take time out of their day to assist creatures so commonly portrayed as insignificant food-sources … just because they can.

Yet this is exactly what a man named James did when he learned through Facebook that there were deer stuck on the ice of Albert Lea Lake. Immediately he knew he had to help, so he commissioned his father and two hovercrafts for a rescue mission.

Watch the incredible video above and see the heart-wrenching rescue.

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

In a world that thrives off of broadcasting negative media to the masses in effort to arouse fear and suspicion, it appears there is little positivity at present. But this is subject to perception, investigation, and interpretation; good does exist, and in abundant quantity. One just has to be willing to look for it and pass on the positivity they are inspired by in return.

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