These Facts About Killer Cops Will Blow Your Mind

As Ferguson grieves the death of Michael Brown and the injustice of his killer Darren Wilson walking free, this video by Fusion looks at the statistics and connections behind police shootings and racial equality. It also condenses key moments of police brutality in Ferguson into a summarized timeline of events: such as (the insensitive and inappropriate decision) to wear storm trooper gear and bring dogs to Michael Brown´s vigil, crushing flowers his grieving mother laid for him with their cars, bringing in armored tanks and sniper rifles meant for Iraq, using tear gas on anyone and everyone, including peaceful protesters and kids (and even a woman in Ferguson who was handing out water to the crowd).

But Mike Brown is just the tip of the iceberg. A police officer on Staten Island killed an elderly black man in an illegal chokehold for selling loose cigarettes, while another person with the wrong skin color was killed by out-of-control cops while handling a firearm on sale in Wal Mart. All these injustices and more are documented in this short and powerful film.

For anyone who is still in doubt that there is a blatant culture of institutional racism in the U.S police force, let animator Molly Crabapple literally paint you the reality. The government doesn´t even put a number on police killings, but campaigners have done the math and it stands at three people per day. A black male teen is 21 times more likely than a white male teen to be shot dead.

This s**t has to stop.

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