30 Things You Should Avoid Doing While In China

Source: https://travelpassionate.com

These days, people’s passion for traveling has only gotten stronger and wider. While many only dream of walking all the exotic streets of hundreds of different destinations, nowadays, those dreams are finally coming true. With an estimated 1.3 billion people in China, its no wonder the rest of the world is a wee bit curious about this incredibly huge and diverse country.

And if you actually get the chance to go, make sure to remember these 30 things not to do when visiting China.

Don’t Breathe Too Heavily

Source: https://cdn3.i-scmp.com

Yes, pollution is an issue in China. Given that it’s the leading country in export, as well as the immense number of vehicles on the road with such a large population, China’s air quality is not really something to be desired. While traveling around the city, be sure to bring a mask with you so when you see that smog rolling in, you can roll your mask on.

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