Think Trumpcare Is Good For Americans? Take A Look At 3-Year-Old’s Crazy Hospital Bill

Credit: Ali Chandra

With a Republican in office and the party leading both the House and Senate, a huge focus right now in politics is repealing and replacing Obamacare; however, the move is being met with tons of controversy even amongst GOP congressmen. Though a version of the new American Healthcare Act, now dubbed Trumpcare, was passed in the House, it’s not going so well in the Senate. As details emerge of what’s in the bill, more and more Americans are voicing their concerns and, with examples of what could happen under Trumpcare, it totally makes sense that they’re worried.

One such detail in Trumpcare is that the bill would allow insurance companies to reinstate what’s called a “lifetime cap,” which was banned under Obamacare. A lifetime cap is when companies put a monetary cap on the amount of money they will dole out for someone’s healthcare needs, but when they have reached that cap the person will no longer be insured by them. After this cap has been met, the person certainly will not be approved for any insurance with any other companies and will likely die from not being able to afford to pay out-of-pocket expenses.

Mother and registered nurse Ali Chandra was faced with the dilemma of what kind of care her unborn son would be eligible for in March 2014, when she was undergoing a routine sonogram and discovered that her son would be born with heterotaxy and severe heart defects. He was born in July and survived his first surgery at just 6 days old with the help of Obamacare, which served as a stopgap for her son when her former insurance wouldn’t cover her son’s issues and the family didn’t have money for other options.

With his third birthday occurring just last weekend, her son Ethan is healthy and has overcome so many surgeries and healthcare scares, but he’s happy and fighting with each obstacle. Chandra took to Twitter last week to share the hospital bill that her family received after her son’s recent surgery in February 2017 as a way to encourage others to make sure Trumpcare doesn’t happen.

“I don’t think anyone can look a 2-year-old child in the face and say ‘I think that you’re not worth it,’ ” Chandratold the Washington Post. “What they’re doing with a lifetime cap is saying you have used up enough resources. I’m sorry that you were born sick. I’m sorry that your mother chose life for you, but now that life is not worth saving anymore.”

Chandra started out by sharing this outrageous hospital bill she recently received…

…which turned out to be not so bad because they have amazing healthcare insurance.

Without insurance, the prescriptions alone would be expensive enough to make the family broke.

Where is the outrage from the pro-lifers?

This story is truly heartwarming, and Chandra and her family received an outpouring of support from people with similar stories or those who simply sympathize with people who rely on good health insurance like Ethan does. Since Trumpcare in its current form would take healthcare away from 22 million people in the next few years, this family and millions of others in the nation are raising their voices to be heard. By putting a face to the cause, it can humanize the issue more, rather than just continuing to use figures and facts to represent the complex issue that is healthcare.

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