This 5-Year-Old Donated $750 To Charity By Painting Galaxies

Cassie discovered a love for art at age three and has already sold 100 paintings!

You’re never too young to make a positive impact on the world. Just look at Cassie, a 5-year-old who discovered a passion for art at an early age. Already, Cassie has sold 100 galaxy paintings. And, a portion of all the proceeds goes to various charities.

Reportedly, Cassie fell in love with painting at the age of three and hasn’t put down the brush since. So far, the biggest canvas she’s painted is 48” x 36”, reports Bored Panda. Enthused to work with metallics and glitter, she oftentimes uses a fork or a skewer to make intricate patterns.

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Following are photos of the 5-year-old and some of the stellar paintings she has sold:

3-Year-Old Cassie At Work:

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