This American Town Banned Cell Phones And Wi-Fi To Live Off-Grid And Scope Out Aliens

If you’re one of the few people who can leave your cell phone turned off for an entire day – or week, you’d likely find refuge in the small town of Green Bank.

Located in West Virginia, the tiny community attracts individuals of varying uniqueness. Some are drawn to Green Bank to live in off-grid isolation away from the modern world while others – including top-notch scientists – see the town as an extraordinary opportunity to discover and document alien activity. 

One of the individuals who lives and works in the US National Radio Quiet Zone Green Bank is Jay Lockman. The principal scientist for the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) climbs 450-ft every day to the top of the world’s largest fully steerable radio telescope. The structure is a massive web of steel which overlooks the high green moguls of the West Virginia mountain range.

Reports The Plaid Zebra, Lockman and the Green Bank Telescope are assisting in the largest scientific search for extraterrestrial life in history. Between now and 2021, the researcher will continue climbing the high tower and documenting his ‘interactions’ with ‘alien’ life. 

No better place exists to do so, for the West Virginian community has legally obliged itself to live off-grid.

Deemed “the quietest place in America,” Green Bank is recognized as a sanctuary for the electromagnetic-hypersensitive. While many deem such individuals to be quacks or hypochondriacs, there is intriguing evidence as to why the effects electromagnetic frequencies should not be dismissed.

Humans don’t live like they used to – roaming barefoot and in contact with the Earth. Now, most people live in houses with concrete foundation, wear rubber soled shoes, and sit in an office job all day – all the while being bombarded by EMFs from cell phone towers, microwaves, and more. The effects of this are just beginning to be studied, but the evidence so far concludes that being disconnected from Earth long-term is detrimental to beings’ health. 

For this reason, folks in the Green Bank community might be onto something. There are no cell phone towers in the area, microwaves are banned, and WiFI is highly restricted.

Credit: Reddit
Credit: Reddit

The video above describes this and much, much more.

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