This Brazilian Craftsman Upcycles Old Tires Discarded In The Streets And Turns Them Into Future Homes For Animals


As the saying goes, “There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.” Amarildo Silva is one of those who follows this saying to a tee. After all, we have nothing to lose, and everything to gain by helping others is around us!

This young artisan, who for almost two years has dedicated his career to giving animals comfort and joy, makes homes for animals by converting old, abandoned tires he finds on the street into decorated beds for pets.

Two years ago, Amarildo was figuring out ways on how he could make an income by up-cycling things he finds on the streets and turning them into something more useful. He was always good when it came to crafting innovative things with materials that were discarded away by others. The thought of creating something new and useful from something that has been chucked away, was his way of contributing to the betterment of the environment, along with earning more money in the process.


This is where the creative idea started of using tires and making it something new. Amarildo noticed that dogs living in the streets would often go and sleep in old tires which acted as their refuge for the night, so he took this information and had the brilliant idea of intentionally turning them into something more comfortable and homey for the dogs.  Recently, he has started making beautiful planter containers as well.

Ever since then, Amarildo would collect all the tires he’d find in the streets, and work on transforming them in his backyard.  He even has a room in his house assigned just for storage of his works.


After cutting the tire in half, he washes it thoroughly and gives it a good paint job. Each tire is represented with a unique design and the name of the pet who will be sleeping in it, inside a dog bone, of course.

With this business, this craftsman is executing two things that he is passionate about. Helping animals, and up cycling trash to something more important for others. He believes business models like these will contribute to the world’s sustainability and further create a socio-environmental influence for all the others that wish to come up with something as innovative as this.


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