This Guy Was Sent Home For Violating The Male Dress Code, So He Followed The Female One Instead

After being sent home for wearing shorts on a 30°C day, this man employed a rebellious tactic and returned to work in a dress.

Dress codes exist to preserve the ambiance and aesthetic a business seeks to portray. However, sometimes, management or school officials take dress codes too far. Such is exactly what occurred when an employee at a call center in Buckinghamshire was sent home for wearing a pair of shorts on a nearly 30°C summer day.

After expressing his frustration to Twitter, the individual named Joey Barge decided to employ a rebellious tactic and returned to work in a dress. As Bored Panda reports, Barge posted a photo of himself sporting a neon-pink and black smock with the caption, “See you soon, Twitter. I’ll be sent home soon.”

Surprisingly, the 20-year-old was allowed to remain at work after changing because strict UK laws prohibit companies from discriminating against employees based on their gender identity or sexual orientation.

Likely out fear that other men in the office would show up in dresses as a form of protest, the boss promptly sent out a memo that the dress code is temporarily amended. It’s a smashing victory for Barge as well as a hilarious ordeal that has gone viral.

20-year-old Joey decided to wear shorts to work on a 30°C day – though it is against the company dress code. 

When it didn’t turn out, a Twitter user made an interesting suggestion…

And Joey went for it

Because the UK has strict anti-discrimination laws, Joey was allowed to stay.

Likely out of shock, his boss quickly amended the male dress code:

It’s safe to say that many people adored his feistiness

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