This Lamp Will Burn All Night Powered By Nothing More Than Salt Water

Credit: GoodNewsNetwork
Credit: GoodNewsNetwork


Solar polar has officially been outdone. This innovative lamp designed by SALt (Sustainable Alternative Lighting), a company based out of the Philippines, literally provides hours of light – and from just one glass of water and two spoons of salt.

This lamp has potential to light up millions of homes in areas where families still go without electricity.

Say the innovators, “There are no materials and components inside the lamp that may cause fire accidents. One less thing to worry about for families that rely on kerosene lamps as their main source of lighting.”

Engineer Lipa Aisa Mijena, of De La Salle University, designed the lamp to work on the principles of “Galvanic cell,” creating electricity from a chemical reaction between the salt water and electrodes inside the lamp.

Credit: SALt
Credit: SALt

The innovative invention will provide a full night of light for up to a year before the electrodes need to be replaced.

As Weburbanist shares, the lamp may also be a reliable source of light in island countries where natural disasters from typhoons and floods are common. Able to run on salty ocean water, the invention will likely be a saving grace for those living without access to illumination.

Credit: SALt
Credit: SALt

As depicted on the drawing board to the right, the model next intended for production will also allow people to charge their cell phones. Again, in a natural disaster this lamp could definitely come in handy.

Because many households in poverty-stricken areas still lack access to electricity, the lamps are designed to be deployed via non-profit organizations to those in need, then sold commercially.

The lamp is not yet on the market (partly because SALt hasn’t settled on a price), but the makers do promise to keep the cost affordable and to announce its availability soon.

“We are in the process of mass production,” SALt shared early Tuesday.

Follow the company’s Facebook page for updates.

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