This Trendy Clothing Line Is Specifically Made For Those In Wheelchairs [Watch]

Because some handicapped individuals lack the ability or range of motion to dress themselves in regular clothes, an innovative designer decided to develop a line of garments specifically for those who get around on wheels. The collection is tailored so that each piece won’t bunch up, gape, or pucker while the wearer is seated all day.

Izzy Camilleri’s clothing line, IZ, includes a range of pants, shirts, blouses, blazers, and dresses, reports FastCoExist.

All of the garments look like standard off-the-rack offerings, but they are much more unique. One blazer, for example, has a cutout in the back, which allows the lapels to fall properly instead of bunching up on either side.

Credit: IZ
Credit: IZ

Certain pairs of pants and shorts have an extended waist so the backs won’t gape open when one is perched in the chair.

Other outfits feature easy-access zippers, elastic waists, and other simple – yet elegant – features that make dressing easier.

Credit: IZ
Credit: IZ

As the video above shares, IZ started in 2004 and was online by 2009. Truly, it’s making waves in the marketplace. Adaptive fashion is a hot trend – and for understood reasons. Recently, Tommy Hilfiger even partnered with the nonprofit Runway of Dreams to launch the first-ever adaptive designer clothing collection for kids.

Clothing should be inclusive, and brands like IZ are making that dream a reality. Of course, who wouldn’t love the easy-to-wear and stylish offerings?

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