This World-Wide Used Hiking App Is Increasing Hiker Safety By Releasing 27,000 Downloadable Trail Maps For Free


Hiking has grown in popularity over the past few decades and for good reason. That’s because people that hike get to immerse themselves in the tranquility of nature, allowing themselves to experience the outdoors in amazing ways.

But hiking can be dangerous, especially for those that end up finding themselves disoriented and lost on the trails, especially when the path they are on diverges unexpectedly. Unfortunately during moments like this, being able to rely on your smartphone for directions is often a futile attempt, mostly because signal can get pretty shoddy out in the woods. Thankfully, there is a company that is hoping to address this particular concern and help boost hiker safety.

The incredibly popular Irish hiking app, HiiKER, has decided to take on this heavy burden and make 27,000 trail maps available for free download. This particular initiative is aimed at empowering hikers with the necessary tools to be properly prepared and to be able to navigate their way with confidence, regardless of whether they have mobile service or not.

Just over the past year, the United States has witnessed a staggering 32% increase in search and rescue missions. Sadly, many of these incidents can be attributed to hikers being ill-prepared for such challenges as those they encounter on the trails. More often than not, these unanticipated difficulties arise from errors in navigation, which leads to lost hikers and potentially dangerous situations. For hikers to have access to offline trail maps while they venture into remote terrains, often with limited or no cellular reception, this will provide them with much-needed security and safety for their well-being while they go out on their expeditions.

Recognizing the significance of hiker safety, HiiKER has taken a bold step by providing all trail maps in its extensive database for free download. The app offers users the choice to either save the maps directly to their smartphone or to use GPX files on their smartwatches. By doing so, hikers can also conserve their device’s battery while exploring the areas on their trail that tend to have no electricity access.

CEO and Founder of HiiKER, Paul Finlay, says, “Hiker Safety is our absolute priority. Offering hikers Free Offline maps on HiiKER, means that everyone can feel confident that they’re on track, regardless of mobile service.”

As HiiKER gains popularity and global use, its commitment to hiker safety sets it apart from other incumbent hiking apps like Alltrails, Strava, and OutdoorActive. While these competing platforms charge for access to offline maps, HiiKER believes that this essential service should be freely available to all hikers. By making offline maps easily accessible, the app empowers hikers to make informed decisions and mitigate risks, thereby contributing to safer outdoor experiences.

With its roots in the Emerald Isle, HiiKER has grown rapidly over the past three years alone, and it has become a beloved companion for over 600,000 hikers across the globe. The app’s vast database boasts of an impressive collection that’s more than 27,000 hiking routes, catering to a variety of hikers and their levels of expertise and preferences. HiiKER’s commitment to accuracy is further reinforced through collaborations with trail management organizations.

By working alongside these institutions, HiIKER ensures that the trail data included in the app is consistently updated and reliable.

In fact, one such organization that lauds HiiKER’s dedication to hiker safety is the Continental Divide Trail Coalition, which has welcomed the news of this news of having free offline maps with open arms.


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