This Young Couple Was Blessed With Not One, But Four Babies. But That Wasn’t The Actual Surprise!


Most young couples dream of the time when they will be blessed with a baby after getting married. Whether they want kids right away or after some time, babies tend to be the topic of conversation amongst most newly wed couples.

Well, when Bethani and Tim Webb got married, they didn’t have a clue about what was going to be an event that would leave them completely blessed, and hugely breathless.

Newly Married


Bethani and Tim, both from the town of Hythe in Alberta, Canada, were high school sweethearts that tied the knot in June of 2015. Although they had discussed waiting before having babies, they found themselves pregnant a few months after their nuptials. Since the couple was excited to start a family anyway, the news, although unexpected, was a happy surprise.

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