Thousands Of Gallons Of Cabernet Sauvignon Accidentally Pour Into The Russian River In California


A popular winery mistakenly filled up a river in California with Cabernet Sauvignon when the tank sprang a leak.

Last month, Christopher O’Gorman, the spokesperson for Rodney Strong Wine Estates located in Healdsburg came out with a statement confirming that the tank in Sonoma Country sprang a leak and wine gushed onto the Reiman Creek, which then carried it all to the Russian River nearby.

O’Gorman shared with KGO-TV: “We’re investigating what appears to be a mechanical failure, we’re not entirely sure of that at this point, but were deeply, deeply concerned about this leak and protecting our waterways here in Sonoma County,”

He also mentioned that a mechanical failure in their winery is what they believe caused the leak.

According to the California Office of Emergency Services, 97,000 gallons of wine was spilled into the river, although the winery reported that that number comprises the full capacity of the tank and only 20 to 25 percent spilled from the leak.


“We feel like not that much wine got into the waterway. We are investigating the other tanks. We’ve moved wine out of that area to prevent any future leaks as well,” O’Gorman said.

Executive director of the non-profit Russian River Keeper Don McEnhill assured that there have been volunteers monitoring the status of the water.

He said that “we’re lucky in that it’s winter, the river is high, there’s a fair amount of dilution. We haven’t had any reports of fish kills, certainly the biochemical oxygen demand and the acidity of the wine is going to kill some smaller insect type things that are fish food. This could have been a lot worse.”

The winery outsourced a third-party contractor to pump out the wine that spilled onto the river. The state Department of Fish and Wildlife is conducting an investigation and penalties or misdemeanour charges are highly plausible.


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