Three Careers Where You Know You’re Helping The World


For more and more young people — and indeed for older people who are disillusioned with the rat race and treadmill of hard work and promotions that they decide to jump on years ago — a job that helps the world is what they’re searching for. Some jobs afford high salaries but tend to give less meaning if they’re not actively making lives better. Others, meanwhile, pay comfortably but ensure that you’re going to be happy with your provision of labor each and every day.

For that latter kind of job, here are three careers which you should consider if you want to help people as part of your work.


The role of the nurse has risen to prominence over the past year, thanks to the focus on fighting the coronavirus and the increased public attention on hospitals and healthcare professionals. It should go without saying that nursing is one of the most valuable jobs in the whole economy as it helps keep people in good health, but it also provides compassion and empathy to those in need.

It’s little wonder then that many young people are deciding to choose nursing as their career of choice. If this is something that interests you, you can read accounts from nurses online. You can also watch short videos from nurses on YouTube. If you only fall in love with the vocation further after this, you should sign on to an exciting Bachelor of Science in Nursing course, which will fully qualify you to work in hospitals up and down the country.

NGO Work

NGOs — or Non-Governmental Organizations — are there to fill in the gaps where the government of a country has been unable to provide an important public service. Here, we think often of the charities that make their way over to war-torn or disaster-struck locations in order to provide aid. But there are NGOs based in the US, too, like women’s shelters and recovery groups for the abused or the addicted.

These organizations are set up with the express desire to help people who are underserved yet in need of assistance. They’re often not the best-paid roles, but you’ll engage on the front line of some of the most pressing and important issues of our day, giving you a great deal of meaning and pleasure.

Local Councilor

What can be more important than community? In the US, the waves of changes taking place in our society have destabilized our sense of self, and can often lead to isolation and alienation. This is where local politicians and councilors come in, helping to rebuild damaged communities, and listening to the needs of people who require assistance and changes to their local area.

Becoming a local councilor comes with a range of responsibilities in managing the locale in which you’re from. These responsibilities can be a burden, but they’re also a joy: you’re able to manage and transform your community, helping everyone around you lead a happier and more fulfilled life.

These three roles are deeply satisfying for your sense of well-being and meaning as they enable you to help those around you.

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