Tina Fey Destroys Trump, Nazis and Paul Ryan — All While Eating A Cake [Video]

Tina Fey reveals the art of "sheet caking" in a must-watch segment.

Leave it up to Tina Fey to win the internet at a time when the United States is incredibly divided. Recently, the Comedian appeared on Saturday Night Live for it’s “Weekend Update: Summer Edition” to offer some solid advice on how to handle future white supremacy rallies.

As Huffington Post reports, Fey starts by ordering a cake. Then, as she inhales it slice by slice, she offers commentary on Nazis, President Donald Trump, conservative commentator Anne Coulter, House Speaker Paul Ryan and more.

The episode is insane, glorious and an absolute must-watch. Stare in horror and infatuation as Fey shows anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che the art of “sheet caking.”

Watch the video below:

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