Tiny Canadian Town Invests $2.7 Million And 10 Years To Save Turtles

Turtle and snake deaths have decreased by a whopping 80% since the culverts were constructed.

Credit: Long Point Causeway Improvement Project

Ever since the Long Point Causeway in southern Ontario, Canada, was constructed just over a century ago, thousands of turtles and other endangered reptiles have been killed. Disparaged by this reality, resident Rick Levick decided to do something.

In 2006, the activist rallied other m powered locals to begin campaigning for culverts to be installed underneath the 2-mile road. As VICE Motherboard reports, culverts are tiny tunnels that allow critters to travel from one side of the road to the other without being harmed. It took ten years of hard work and $2.7 million, but the activists were able to see their goal realized.

To raise funds for the culverts, one local author published a children’s book. In 2008, the town began constructing the culverts. The last was built in January of 2017.  Fortunately, the hefty investment was worth it! According to researchers, turtle and snake deaths have decreased by a whopping 80% since the twelve culverts were constructed.

“We did have some opposition,” Levick said. “It was people very skeptical that we could do anything that said: ‘Well we’ve been running over turtles for years, and they’re still here, so why bother?’ Of course, that’s probably what they said just before the buffalo disappeared.”

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