Tips for Traveling Safely With Your New blu E-Cig

In a couple of weeks, you will be heading off for a much-needed vacation. You cannot wait to get to your destination and enjoy several days of checking out the sights, eating great food and enjoying the gorgeous scenery.

While you are pretty much a packing expert, this time it will be a bit different. After smoking traditional cigarettes for years, you recently made the switch to e-cigs and you could not be happier with your decision. You purchased a blu PLUS e-cig, and you like the way you can switch your vape flavor with a simple twist and recharge it with a travel-sized USB charger. The last thing you want is for a TSA agent to confiscate your new vape, so you are doing everything you can to be sure you are following the rules and regulations.

With this in mind, wise travelers like you should keep the following tips in mind when preparing for a trip with an e-cig.

Make Sure Where You Are Going Allows E-Cig Use

Before you leave for your vacation, do some research to be sure you are not traveling to a place where e-cig use is restricted or banned. As Consumer Reports notes, a number of states and local governments have restricted the use of e-cigs, so do your due diligence and Google the city or state name and “e-cig” to learn if there are any laws you should be aware of. For instance, San Francisco recently passed an ordinate that will ban the sale and distribution of e-cigs citywide, so if you are visiting that city and plan on buying e-cig juice while you are there, you will be out of luck. If you are traveling abroad, you should also look if your destination has rules regarding vaping; again, Google can be your friend here and let you know if your blu PLUS can come with you on vacation.

TSA Rules for Flying


If you are flying to your vacation spot, and e-cigs are allowed there with no problem, be sure you pack your new vape in your carry-on bags. Electronic cigarettes and vaping devices are prohibited by the FAA to be in checked bags, but they can be brought on board in a carry-on bag or on your person. This includes battery-powered e-cigs, vaporizers, vape pens, atomizers and “electronic nicotine delivery systems.” In addition, you might want to double check with your specific airline to see if they have additional rules for traveling with a vape; for example, if you are flying on Alaska Airlines, your vape must be set in the safety mode to prevent accidental ignition, and Delta recommends buying a designated carrying case to prevent it from being damaged during travel.

What About E-Liquids and Batteries?

As The Points Guy notes, you should be able to check your e-liquids; this way, if you have purchased a number of flavors to try in your blu PLUS, you are in luck. The TSA has not implemented any restrictions on transporting these liquids in your checked bags. As an extra precaution, you may want to double check the TSA site as you are packing to be sure there aren’t any last-minute changes to this rule, but in general, nearly all e-liquids are not on the “explosive goods” list. As for the batteries, they definitely belong in your carry-on bags only — per FAA rules, you cannot put lithium batteries into your checked luggage.

Have a Wonderful Time With Your New Vape


You have worked long and hard for this vacation. By being proactive and doing your research prior to packing, you should be able to enjoy your new blu PLUS on your trip. By being aware of the rules, double checking everything at the last minute and following the regulations regarding packing, you should have a hassle-free and wonderful traveling experience.


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