Tired Of Trump’s Bigotry, This Elderly Woman Did Something Amazing For Her Muslim Doctor

Credit: News
Credit: News

It’s not easy being an American Muslim right now – especially with politicians like Donald Trump pushing to ban followers of the faith from entering the United States at all.

The controversial stance has put some people on edge while others are choosing to battle the discrimination with kindness.

A 91-year-old Idaho resident is one of the many who has chosen the latter approach.

After hearing Trump’s bold stance, she displayed to her Muslim doctor how caring the American people can be by crocheting some stuffed animals for him.

She told him:

“(We) can feel your pain and what you’re going through.”

Dr. Fahim Rahim was surprised – and moved – by her kindness.

The unnamed woman is receiving treatment from Dr. Rahim for a kidney condition. She felt inspired to support her physician after hearing him speak on a local radio show in Pocatello, where he was asked about the proposed Muslim ban by presidential candidate Donal Trump.

The compassionate-hearted woman said she didn’t know who Trump was, but didn’t like his idea.


So My 91 yrs old patient heard how #Trump has been attacking "me The American Muslim" so here she brings me these little…

Posted by Fahim Rahim on Monday, December 7, 2015

On her next visit to the Idaho Kidney Center, the lady brought along a bag full of stuffed animals she’d crocheted. In such stressful times, such a kind gesture meant a lot to Dr. Rahim. He told KIFI News that it inspired “a faith in humanity.” 

The Muslim doctor also sympathizes with people who don’t understand Islam or American Muslims.

“I honestly don’t blame him. These kinds of ideas come when you don’t know,” he said.

Here’s where it gets very interesting. The doctor has publicly offered to let Trump spend a day with him on his rounds so the president hopeful can get to know “a real American Muslim.” That would be beneficial for Trump as his clouded bias is feeding right into ISIS’ plans.

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