Too Good To Be True? Monsanto Promises To Be “Carbon Neutral” by 2021

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There have been some strange and unlikely stories in the news this week. First the NSA promised to stop spying on the US population, but they were actually lying. Now, in an equally ironic announcement, the infamous biotech company Monsanto has promised that they will be making efforts to be “carbon neutral” by 2021.

Monsanto’s Hugh Grant said in a recent interview that[Farmers] have an opportunity and a part to play in mitigation around climate change. Rather than being the problem, I think there’s a growing realization they can be a big part of the solution. It’s easy to declare these things from day one. The proof is in the delivery, but from the work we’ve done so far, I’m optimistic”

“It’s a natural punctuation mark with Paris being here, but we didn’t wake up two weeks ago and say, ‘Hey let’s go and set out a goal,’. The more of this that we spin out in the public, the more you overcome the cynicism and the more you drive the practice. (Hard data) is what is going to drive the interest of farm participation,” Grant added.

The company said that they will be establishing training and incentive programs for farmers who use their toxic and environmentally damaging products, so the farmers could lower their emissions and their carbon footprint.

Monsanto has been suffering this past year, as various areas throughout the world have been banning GMO products, and banning the cancer-causing herbicide “RoundUp.”

In a statement released earlier this year, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) announced that glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto’s herbicide “RoundUp”, is “probably carcinogenic.”

The report indicated studies that “sufficiently demonstrated” that this substance caused cancer in animals. According to multiple reports, Monsanto was well aware that this chemical caused cancer for decades yet still continued to sell it.

As we have been reporting over the past several months, glyphosate is now even banned in many areas as a result of these studies.

This announcement from Monsanto about becoming carbon neutral highlights how counter-productive the constant focus on carbon and weather is for the environmental movement. The problems that our environment face are much wider and more complex than the carbon content of the atmosphere and the weather.

Our energy resources are being poorly mismanaged by the organizations that control them. These governments and corporations are destroying the planet and placing the blame on us so they can justify making us foot the bill.

Sinister applications of genetic engineering are creating new species that pose an unprecedented threat to our ecosystem. Toxic radiation and pollution have become commonplace in our everyday environment, mostly due to corporate carelessness and military exercises. There are very serious environmental issues that we need to correct, but it’s not limited to one chemical compound, and to insist that is our sole environmental concern is counter productive.

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