Top 10 Ways To Have Fun At Home With The Kids

If you’ve ever been home with the kids during school vacation time (or even just a normal weekend) and heard them tell you they’re bored, you won’t be the only parent to have been in this position. It’s not always possible to go out, though as weather, funds, and other commitments can all contrive to stop you. 

However, there should be plenty you can do at home to keep everyone occupied – here are the top 10 to get you started. 

1. Prepare An Indoor Picnic 


Picnics are wonderful. They can be fun and are a good way to bond, and they’re different too – they can make even the fussiest of eaters enjoy their food a little more. By getting the kids involved in the prep and then sitting on the living room floor to eat, you’ll be making lunch or dinner into quite an adventure.  

2. Dressing Up

Kids love to dress up, and they love looking through their parents’ closets, so why not combine the two ideas and have a dressing up day? Lay out all the clothes they can play with and let them loose. 

3. Board Games 

In this modern world, board games may have gone a little out of favor, but you can bring them back. Switch off all devices and pull out Monopoly, Shoots and Ladders, Scrabble, or even chess (you can learn how to play on

4. Karaoke 


Music can turn any situation into a more pleasant one. Put on some music and take it in turns to sing along. You could even make up some impressive dance moves and create a music video at the same time. 

5. Read A Book

How you do this will depend on the age of your children, and it might be that you can all sit quietly with your own books and read to yourselves. You may need to lead the charge, though, and read aloud to the family if they are younger, or if they just want to curl up and listen. Brightly encourages the importance of children reading aloud, so try to make it a regular habit.  

6. Watch Sports 

No matter what time of year it is, there will always be some kind of sporting game you can watch on TV. Gather everyone together with some snacks and drinks, and guess who is going to win. If you’re really sure, you can have a sneaky wager on Unibet too where you can discover a whole host of casino games to sink your teeth into, while watching the game. 

7. Have A Photoshoot 

This idea could go hand in hand with the dressing up fun, or you can keep it separate, depending on what you want to take photos of. You could even make it into a game, giving each kid a clue or set of instructions as to what they could snap. Print the photos out and make a collage when you’re done. 

8. Make A Scrapbook 


Scrapbooking is such a popular pastime, and it can be a fun way to spend a few hours. You just need a book to stick pictures in, some glue, and magazines or a printer so you can use images from the internet. Think of a theme and then get sticking. 

9. Coloring 

Again, you need very little to enjoy coloring; just some pens, pencils, or crayons and some coloring sheets that can be found online. Be Brain Fit suggests how coloring is peaceful and calming, and many adults enjoy it too. It’s the ideal way to relax and have some quiet time. 

10. Make A Movie 

This idea is one that can take all day if you want (or need) it to. You’ll need to think of costumes, sets, a storyline, and you’ll need to film it then edit it. Thankfully, there are apps that will let you do most of this for free. All get involved and then have a screening later when it’s complete. 

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