Top 5 Movies With The Best Visual Effects

Are you looking for a film that deeply impacts you by its visual effects? Here we have a list of cinematic masterpiece that will impress you at the first scene!

With the help of animation technology, there are a lot of visually appealing movies in recent years. 2019 Oscar Winner for Visual Effects is First Man (2018)– a film about Neil Armstrong landing on the moon.

Do you curious about which film is going to win this honour award in 2020? Join us to check out the top 5 movies with the best visual effects in 2019 right now!

Alita: Battle Angel

A close-up look at Alita’s digital face

Alita: Battle Angel has created a sci-fi world where cyber-doctor Ido found an abandoned cyborg in the junkyard of Iron City and named her Alita. She does not remember anything about her past life.

Though Alita tries to get used to her new life and answers the question of who she is, Ido clearly knows that Alita is a lethal weapon. This film is not only about the whole technological dark age, but it also has superb visual effects that dramatically impact audiences.

Alita in her Berserker body

The character of Alita is a flawless and successful VFX cyborg. Some of the best scenes are the close-up shots of light touching her face and even reflecting off her facial hair. Another fancy shot is when Alita fight against the deadly cyborgs, all the hair and skin and breath of her is perfectly organized.

After all, this is a 5/5 recommendation if you are a huge fan of visually stunning movies.

The Lion King (2019)

Mufasa and little Simba stand in the lifelike landscape

The Lion King (2019) is a musical remake of Disney’s traditional animation in 1994 of the same name.

The movie follows the adventures of the young lion Simba, who has been lured to flee his homeland after the death of his father. Years went by, adult Simba now needs to come back home to stop Scar and find the answer to the past accident.

We are all familiar with the legendary Disney’s Lion King animation in 1994. But in this remake version, the production team had taken advantage of the technology revolution to edit visual effects in the movie.

The Lion King is a whole package visual-focus film because of its character animation and the final landscape imagery.

Lion cub Simba hiding from the hyenas

One of the most mesmerizing scenes was the stampede at Wildebeest Valley. We can see clearly every dust and sand blown away among the animals, cliffs, and rocks. Not to mention the Cloud Forest, the Elephant Graveyard, and the dung ball with the tuft hair scenes are brilliant too!

On the whole, The Lion King (2019) is definitely a visual triumph.

Avengers: End Game

Avenger End Game: The Final Battle

Avengers: Endgame is the highest-grossing movie of all time after it defeated Avatar. This blockbuster takes tons of people to complete it and make all the scenes look real and splendid.

After half of all life vanished in Avengers: Infinity War (2018), the universe is in a complete ruin. With the help of new allies, now the Avengers must reassemble to find a way to fix everything and stop Thanos no matter what it takes.

Avenger: Endgame has featured time travel scenes and a major battle sequence. The fights happened in different space-time when Avengers and their allies came back to the past to collect the Infinity Stones.

Marvel teams have done excellent work on the visual effects of their characters. We can see their vast efforts in the aliens Mantis, Nebula, Rocket Raccoon, some key allies like Ant-Man, Captain Marvel, and also Avengers survivors – Iron Man, Thor, and Hulk.

Left to right: Pepper Potts, Captain Marvel, Mantis and Shuri

The final battle, which includes every character, is also a breathtaking and glorious scene! Undoubtedly, Avengers: End Game is a must-watch movie both because of its story and its visual-striking impact on the audience.

Godzilla: King Of The Monsters

Godzilla – King Of The Titans

The story begins five years after the catastrophe in San Francisco when the first monster got into human’s sight. Now a cryptozoological agency has to deal with the return of the Titans, including King Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, the three-headed Ghidorah.

When these ancient superspecies resurface again and fight to be the King Monster, humanity will fall into dramatic chaos.

King Ghidorah – Godzilla’s Ultimate Nemesis

Godzilla: King of the Monsters animation and effects team spent a lot of time creating the models, texture, and rigging the four Titans. Each of them has its own different features, such as Godzilla’s fin pattern and Ghidorah’s three-facial rig.

You must watch this film to feel the magnificently detailed work of the team in every Godzilla’s atomic breath, Ghidorah’s gravity beams, and lightning strikes, mist, and blown debris.

POKÉMON Detective Pikachu

Detective Pikachu – Partner of Tim’s dad

This film creates a world full of Pokémon, where Pokémon trainer Tim suddenly finds a speaking Pikachu in his dad’s house after his mysterious missing. Pikachu and Tim decide to come back to the accident area and seek the truth about his dad’s disappearance.

The blue light reflect on Pikachu hair

POKÉMON Detective Pikachu has brought 65 familiar pokémon from 2D animation into 3D live-action, each with its own distinct model, rigging, skin, and hair colors and textures.

Each Pokémon has its own body ratio – the size of their head, their torsos, and limbs. The animation team had to spend a lot of time to come up with their skeleton, their muscle, the skin, and fur, how it moves and reflect light.

Mr. Mime


Above is the list of top 5 movies with the best visual effects in 2019. So, do you prefer the fantastic light touching in The Lion King or the various unreal pokémon in Detective Pikachu?

You should watch these masterpieces in high resolution for a better experience. fCine.TV is a recommended website to enjoy these visually stunning movies in the best quality.

If you have any questions to ask, feel free to comment below. Thank you for reading!

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