20 Tourist Pictures That Will Make You Laugh Or Rethink Your Way Of Traveling

Photo by Martin Parr – Pantheon, Rome 1987

Enjoying the privilege of traveling is an amazing opportunity to learn and experience different cultures, landscapes, people and food but it’s not an activity that comes without a level of personal responsibility. Yes, we all want to have a good time while we travel, though we need to respect what’s around us and behave in ways that allow the places we visit to remain great!!

These photos are funny, weird and disgraceful too… Some people just shouldn’t be given a passport…

1. Not Food!!!

These American tourists were spending their vacation in Greece, as they do every year.   When they came across a rare hexapus, an octopus with only 6 tentacles. It contains only three extant species found in the Indo-West Pacific and they inhabit the intertidal and sub-tidal areas of shorelines. The man on the picture, Labros Hydras, told the press ‘We go to Greece every year and when we catch an octopus, we do the same thing  – cook the animal for dinner – so we just did not think about it’.

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