Trapped Dog Gets Lured With The Help Of Treats Given By A Firefighter


It’s extremely difficult to see trapped animals struggling to get out. It breaks your heart. For some, it becomes more difficult when the animal feels anxious and lost. So, what happened to the dog that got stuck in ice?

Here’s the story of a very resourceful firefighter whose main goal was to help the animal who obviously needed his assistance. The dog felt lost and didn’t know what to do. Most would have panicked, but this man thought of the most ingenious method.

There were several strategies at work here: patience, bribery, laughter, and the full use of a strong bicep muscle. All these were much needed to rescue a helpless dog that had been trapped after it fell 10 feet into an ice-covered pool and found that it had no way out.

It all started when the Michigan animal shelter called Pound Buddies received several panicked calls last March 7th. Many called to report about a white husky that was trapped in the old water filtration pond and couldn’t get out.

The worst part was that the pond had frozen over. While it did freeze, on top of the pond was with water clearly sloshing sitting precariously on top of the ice. Many had begun to wonder how long this will hold up until that 60-pound husky would plunge into the bottom. No one knew just when that would happen, if at all.

Pound Buddies immediately made a call to the Muskegon Heights Fire Department. The firefighters acted immediately. In fact, they were there “within minutes” to rescue the scared and frantic pup. Video footage was made and they all caught the moment Lieutenant John Kriger climbed over the wall just so he could get the dog to trust him. In order to do that, he brought a treat with him.

Kriger immediately climbed down and he held the treat all throughout as he called the dog by name for around 3 minutes or more. His comrades were with him and they all warned people around about making “no sudden movements” to ensure everyone’s safety.

At last, the timid dog came in because he wanted more of Lieutenant Kriger’s scratches. This also enabled him to reach out and grab his collar. The good thing is that Kriger was obviously quite a fit man because he was able to get the not-entirely-cooperative pooch and carry it under his right arm as he slowly climbed up the ladder and over the wall so that they could both be safely back up.


The pup was later brought to the hospital where doctors said that it was completely unharmed despite the falling 10 feet into the pond.

Pound Buddies also shared the amazing clips of the incident on their Facebook page. They explained why they called in “the big dogs” for help and the moment the dog was brought to safety.

“The logistics of getting the dog appeared a bit challenging at first, but then the BIG DOG was called in!” they had written. “Once again, words don’t seem adequate for expressing the gratitude we have for these amazing firefighters and the Muskegon Heights Fire Department! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”


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