Trophy Hunters In The Arctic Pose Beside Endangered Slaughtered Polar Bears


It is sad how some men can be ruthless and uncaring about slaughtering animals just for a trophy or keepsake. It seems the Arctic Circle is now one of the more popular hunting expedition- places similar to Zimbabwe and other African states. Hunting expeditions are usually offered by companies to individuals who pay thousands of dollars to hunt and kill large animals in their natural habitat. For example, a 12-day package can cost around $40,000 which includes the services of a taxidermist who will turn the killed carcasses into rugs and wall trophies.

One such company is the Nebraska-based Worldwide Trophy Adventures, which promises hunters a guarantee to kill a polar bear, even giving an extra 10 days if the customer has not killed one during the prescribed time. Another firm – Quality Hunts – also gives a 100% success rate. The package also includes an Inuit guide to track the animals.


Inuit tribes are allowed to kill a set number of bears and walruses as they have done for generations to survive. However, some Canadian Inuit communities seem to be selling their licenses for blood sports. Most of the hunting is done in parts of Canada that extend into the Arctic Circle. Reports suggest that some 5,000 polar bears have been killed in recent years. In 2008, the US Government declared polar bears to be endangered and banned American hunters from bringing back their trophies from Canada. Yet wealthy Americans, as well as Brits and Chinese continue to engage in this blood sport.


“It is well known polar bears are in serious danger of becoming extinct because of climate change. If we want to see them survive, we need to stop the senseless slaughter. The Government should ban imports of all hunting trophies right away,” Eduardo Goncalves, one of the driving forces behind the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting mentioned.

What drives some men to commit these atrocities? Why can’t governments impose strict and harsh penalties like imprisonment? Mankind seems to be a misnomer, as in this case, man is not kind.


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