Trump Unlikely To Keep Campaign Promises, Says Henry Kissinger

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During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump cultivated the persona of an anti-establishment maverick that would “drain the swamp” of DC corruption and give a voice to the suffering working and middle classes. Yet, within the weeks that have come and gone since the election concluded, Trump has noticeably back-tracked on 9 policies he touted while campaigning for president, most recently deciding not to press charges against Hillary Clinton because she “has been through enough.” Though his most ardent supporters have held fast to the idea that these “compromises” highlight Trump’s pragmatism, his recent cabinet picks and meetings with the US political elite have painted a different picture. There is no better example of this than Trump’s recent meeting with Henry Kissinger. Though the corporate media’s coverage of the meeting referred to Kissinger as a respected “mentor” and Nobel Peace Prize “winner,” they overlooked his true legacy – that of an international war criminal and the man responsible for transforming American foreign policy into one of perpetual warfare. Kissinger is also a regular attendee of the secretive Bilderberg conferences and a vocal advocate for one world government.

The meeting took place last Thursday, though it was not their first meeting as the two had previously met in May. After discussing foreign policy with the President-Elect, Kissinger told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria that he is optimistic about a Trump presidency and thinks that it could have positive results. Kissinger went on to say that Trump was the “most unique” presidential figure in his lifetime as he had “no baggage” in the sense that Trump “has no obligation to any particular group because he has become president on the basis of his own strategy.” Kissinger then highlighted the President-elect’s unpredictability and his “flip-flopping” on key campaign issues, but remarked that this should be no cause for worry and that these changes are positive. During the interview, he said “one should not insist on nailing [Trump] into positions that he had taken in the campaign,” adding that Trump keeping all is campaign promises was unlikely as he undergoes “the transition from being a campaigner to being a national strategist.” Essentially, Kissinger is claiming that Trump should not be expected to keep his promises as he undergoes the same “transition” Obama underwent in 2008, where campaign rhetoric and promises became a thing of the past and the neoliberal/neoconservative agenda was adopted in service to the “deep state.”

In terms of foreign policy, this agenda advocates for perpetual war, which Kissinger himself established and the Bush administration cemented into a permanent American reality through the creation of the disastrous “War on Terror.” Trump is expected to carry the torch, much like Obama did, and he does indeed seem eager to please, if his cabinet picks and policy flops are any indication. However, it is possible, however unlikely, that Trump has been strong-armed into serving the elite’s agenda as Kissinger hinted in the interview that “if [Trump] insists [on keeping his campaign promises], then of course disagreements will become expressed.” Disagreements with the “deep state” usually do not end very well for those opposing its interests.

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