Underwater Photo Contest Reveals Winners, And Most Of Them Are White Tufted Sea Creatures


Photographers all over the world come together to showcase all their best work. The ones who focus on life underwater can finally take pride in what they’ve captured, and many have gotten some spectacular photos that are worthy of note.

Why underwater? It’s a whole new world out there, one that not too many people are privy to. They can only imagine what kind of lifeforms lurk beneath the surface of the water. These brave men and women are there to show them just how beautiful these creatures can be.

The pictures vary from one talent to the next. You’d come across a crocodile’s toothy grin and a pouting fish the size of pea. These are only a few of the world’s finest underwater pictures that have been shown as winners in such a prestigious competition.

The photographers were very eager to join. In fact, more than 1,200 pictures were given to them as a contender for the 2021 underwaterphotography.com contest that was across 10 categories, from Macro Photography to Sharks.

The lucky recipient of the gold medal in the Over/Under category is the smiling crocodile in Cuba. This was an entry given by Italian Massimo Giorgetta and was taken in Garden of the Queen. This is a protected area on an archipelago that sits on the southern portion of the island.

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Then there’s another Italian who had made a name for himself as well. Below is a picture taken by Raffaele Livornese. He won the Wide Angle/Marine Life category. This is his perfectly orchestrated shot of two sea lions playing as they went out to hunt a school of sardines that swam around the waters in La Paz, Mexico.

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Below is a tiny juvenile pouting trunkfish. What makes this remarkable was that the fish was the size of a pea. Nonetheless, photographer Leslie Howell from the U.S. managed to capture the moment and brought home a bronze in the Macro-Swimming category.

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Leslie had said, “This juvenile trunkfish was about the size of a pea. It was pretty active, darting in and out of the coral head, but it finally settled down enough for me to get this shot head on.”

Of course, the world of underwater picture competition wouldn’t be complete without the perfect shot of a shark and a Great Hammerhead that lurked the waters of Tiger Bay, Bahamas. This was by German Reinhard Arndt, and he bagged a gold medal for these snaps.

Another standout was this beauty below. These are tiny and delicate white tufted worms that were billowing with the current in a pond. Winner for the bronze prize in the macro not swimming category is Czech Republic talent names Michal Štros.

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Photography.com features several breathtaking shots of the creatures living in the water. The website owner is Tal Mor. He is the man behind the competition as well. He said, “It has been a difficult couple of years for dive and travel, yet the competition has still received a total of 1,283 entries.”

He continued, “This photography contest is the longest running and one of the most prestigious online. A panel of judges select the best images entered in an online photo contest from the previous year. Gold, silver, and bronze medals are awarded for the top three from each category in order of merit.”

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Tal More also shared, “Many other internationally acclaimed photographers have launched their photo careers here over the years. The judges comprise of industry professionals. They are unpaid, non-affiliated, and, of course, cannot enter themselves.”


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