Update: Homeless Piano Player Lands Fabulous Recording Contract

Do you remember Donald Gould, a formerly homeless man who became an overnight sensation when a video of him playing a piano on the streets in Sarasota, Florida went viral?  Gould’s life changed dramatically when the world learned about his plight last summer, and it seems good fortune has only continued to follow him.

Not only did the musician secure a regular paying gig at a Sarasota piano bar, complete rehab for his addiction, and reunite with his son, he also played the national anthem before a National Football League game. Now, the fortunate individual has landed a recording contract less than a year after his talents were discovered on a sidewalk and applauded worldwide.

WFLA News reports that Texas-based Triple Pop Records offered the pianist a contract to record his first single – the song he played in last summer’s video, Styx’s “Come Sail Away.” After accepting the exciting offer, Gould even received congratulations from the lead vocalist and keyboardist of Styx, Dennis DeYoung.

Credit: GoodNewsNetwork

Thanks to the support from people invested in seeing him succeed, the pianist has spent the last several months looking forward to each new day.

He told the press:

“Most of the time you find success right when you’re at the point at, just about had enough. ‘I’m gonna give up that’s it. You push yourself beyond that point and you’ll see the door to success open up.”

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