Video Of George Floyd’s Daughter Saying “Daddy Changed The World” Went Viral After Bernice A. King Tweeted It


A video that recently went viral shows George Floyd’s daughter, Gianna saying “daddy changed the world.”

In the video, Gianna can be seen sitting on the shoulders of her uncle and one of Floyd’s closest friends, retired NBA star Stephen Jackson.

This video made headlines online after the youngest daughter of of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Bernice shared it on her Twitter account.

Bernice said she can relate to Gianna’s struggle, because her father did succeed in changing the world, but unfortunately died while doing so.

In a statement she made later on, she said that she relates to Gianna’s pain, and was even bold enough to share and make it a point that her father was killed by law enforcement as well.

“Nobody knows her burden and pride like you,” she said in her tweet.

As seen on The Grio, Bernice said that: “I was five years old when my father was killed by law enforcement. I know that pain, I know that void, I know the journey of anger. I know what people are feeling. I feel it.”

At a press conference held earlier this month, Roxie Washington, Gianna’s mother conveyed her grief at the fact that her daughter will grow up without her father be her side.

“Gianna does not have a father. He will never see her grow up, graduate. He will never walk her down the aisle. If there’s a problem she’s having and she needs a dad, she does not have that anymore,” she said.

In just a couple of weeks, George Floyd’s death has rocked the world back to reality about underlying issues that were never solved. There has never been such a large movement against police brutality, and not only in the U.S. can this be seen, but in all parts in other countries as well. It is now a global phenomenon.

When it comes to cases of police murders, officers very rarely get fired or even face charges, and if they do, the process takes a very long time with the help of police departments covering up the evidence and crimes of their employees.


This time, because of the people’s movement, all police offices related to the George Floyd case have been fired and faced charges. The officer directly responsible for the death is facing murder charges.

Days after the protests began, public schools in Minneapolis announced that they would terminate their contract with the local police department. The contract that amounted to over $1 million dollars allowed the local police department to have direct contact with children and teenagers on a regular basis, which lead to unnecessary arrests and assaults. Because of how massive these protests have become, it is likely that other parts of the country will follow suit and make some similar changes with their dealings with the police.

Lawmakers are now pushing for monumental police reforms that will limit protection for violent cops and eventually strip police departments of military equipment. Both Republican and Democratic lawmakers are supporting these new measures that are being discussed.

Because of the George Floyd’s brutal case, it is impossible to excuse or sweep under the rug actions of those that are supposed to protect the innocent. This isn’t the first time police brutality have been seen in the media. Everybody is working together to see real change and reform come after this unfortunate tragedy.


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