Village Grannies Is A Chill, Unexpected New Headshop
Zviah Eldar (left) and Vered Behr (right). Source: Elyssa Goodman for Vice

Village Grannies is a true 21st-century smoke shop. With a polished interior and chill vibe, the Grannies have created a space far from the usual dimly lit, crowded smoke shops that vie for sales of imported glass and tobacco.

The Village Grannies are 56-year-old Vered Behr and 60-year-old Zviah Eldar. Village Grannies just opened November last year in the East Village neighborhood of New York City and the shop is already creating a buzz. Voted “Best Upscale Headshop” for 2017 by New York Magazine, the Grannies are capitalizing on the newly expanded market for marijuana accessories.

Behr told VICE reporter Elyssa Goodman that, nowadays, smoking marijuana is “Like having a drink at the bar across the street. It’s something people do.” Pew Research from 2016 confirms the uptick in casual smokers is more than just a passing trend. 71% of U.S. adults ages 18-35 (Millennials) support legalization, along with 57% of adults 36-51 (Gen X) and 56% of adults ages 52-70 (Baby Boomers).
The interior of Village Grannies. Source: Elyssa Goodman for Vice

Village Grannies wants to make buying smoking accessories a comfortable experience for everyone, regardless of age or lifestyle.

“That was one of our first ideas, that it would be comfortable enough to come in, appreciate the art of it,” said Eldar. “Because it needs to have an artistic feel to it and a lifestyle. We felt we had an idea that was not done before and that intrigued me.”

Behr and Eldar are happy to help make marijuana more mainstream, while also striving to create a sense of community in the era of isolation by social media— especially considering the shop opened just weeks after the fateful election. The Grannies, along with the new wave of cannabis entrepreneurs, hope to promote cannabis as both a legitimate medicine and a healthy recreational alternative to alcohol. 

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