Village Refused To Allow Indian Women To Use Well, So Her Husband Did This…


Water is life. That’s what the Standing Rock protestors near Cannon Ball, ND, have been proclaiming since April of 2016. The truth is the same for individuals of all species around the globe. However, in nations like India, where a rigid caste system is responsible for division (rather than the greed of an oil company), some members of society are prevented from accessing water.

Such was the situation for a Dalit laborer’s wife in Washim district of Vidarbha. During the Maharashtra drought, the wife of Bapurao Tajne was denied from obtaining water by villagers. Though she and her husband are residents of the Kolambeshwar village in Malegaon taluka, they were forbidden from fetching water because of their social status.

Infuriated by the villagers’ actions, Tajne took it upon himself to dig a well in his own village in an effort to quench not only he and his wife’s thirst but the thirst of an entire Dali population in the area. The Indian Express reports that Tajne dug for forty days before he completed his well – smug with satisfaction. Reportedly, he had no idea whether or not his efforts would result in a usable well. Regardless, he was intent on succeeding.

I was ridiculed by my family among others, but I was determined,” Tajne said.

When authorities learned of the laborer’s actions, tehsildar Kranti Dombe from the Washim district administration visited the village and hailed Tajne’s actions. The well-digger was supported for being “a face of determination and strong will power.”

Unfortunately, no government aid was provided (as of yet) to the diligent man. The official did say, however, that the government has taken note of the Dalit man’s “extraordinary achievement.”

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