War In Syria Could End In A Few Months – Unless The US Intervenes

A Syrian soldier helps an injured woman to safety in a recently liberated district of Eastern Aleppo Credit – AP

Throughout the five-year-long Syrian conflict, there seem to be two different realities depending on what you’re reading. One one side, media outlets like Al Jazeera – funded by the same government that was caught funding ISIS – as well as establishment US newspapers have consistently portrayed the Syrian government and its army as the villains. Once Russia joined the fray late last year, their actions in Syria, according to these and similar sources, were to blame for most civilian deaths as well as various war crimes. However, many alternative media sites, as well as Russian and Syrian outlets, have painted a very different picture, highlighting the connections of the Islamic State to the United States and Israel as well as the murderous tactics of the US-funded “moderate rebels.” Based on the massive divide in perspectives, it becomes exceedingly difficult to find out not just what is actually happening in Syria, but why it is happening.

In 2012, when the Syrian conflict was just a year old, the presidential debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama offered a shockingly honest look at why there is a war in Syria. Mitt Romney explained that “Syria is Iran’s only ally. It’s the route for them to arm Hezbollah in Lebanon, which threatens Israel. Seeing Syria remove Assad is a very high priority for us. We need to coordinate our effort with our allies, particularly Israel. We need to make sure the insurgents there are armed.” Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, echoed this, saying “Everything we’re doing [in Syria] we’re doing with our partners in the region, including Israel, which obviously has a huge interest in seeing what happens in Syria.”

Credit – Telesur

Indeed, Israel is greatly invested in Syrian regime change as the two nations are still technically at war with each other and have been since Israel was founded in 1948. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and their allies, who Wikileaks revealed created the Islamic State, are also interested in Syrian regime change due to Syria’s alliance with Iran and its policy of secularism. In addition, according to a 2009 interview with former General Wesley Clark, the US has been planning regime change in Syria since 2001 and the US officially entered Syria in 2006 with the goal of destabilizing Assad’s government. Turkey, the country guilty of laundering ISIS oil, has also sent tanks to Syria with the explicit purpose of deposing Assad.

Though it is undeniable that civilians in Syria have been killed by both sides anything painting only Assad or only Russia as the villains in the Syrian tragedy is dishonest at best, given the evidence above. The US’ well-documented policy of regime change throughout the world continues to be on full display in Syria. The “rebel” forces they have armed and trained, efforts which cost US taxpayers over $1 billion, have been connected to Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups. They have also been caught on video beheading children. The “rebels” are so dubious in character that even US Secretary of State John Kerry was forced to admit that “there have been some occasions where certain elements of the opposition have threatened people who were going to leave [Aleppo], and in some cases prevented humanitarian assistance from being delivered.” Even the “aid” group known as the “White Helmets” have been discredited after it was found that they “recycled” children in photos on a monthly basis and received millions of dollars in funding from Western governments. In addition, no one interviewed in recently liberated Eastern Aleppo territories had heard of this group, which is supposedly saving them from buildings bombed by Russians.

Ever since Russia stepped in to support the Syrian government, ISIS and “rebel”’ territories have been greatly reduced and regime change efforts have lost steam. Now, the fighting in Syria is quickly drawing to a close. Syrian government forces, as of last night, had withdrawn from all districts east of the Aleppo river. According to Telesur, the Syrian army and its allies are in the “last moments before declaring victory, as only a tiny, heavily bombarded pocket of “rebel” territory remains. Within this pocket are an estimated 150,000 civilians. Now the UN is claiming that the Syrian government killed 82 civilians in their homes based on the testimony of unnamed “reliable contacts” inside and outside the city, which has renewed calls for foreign (i.e. US) intervention in Syria. However, it is dubious to rely on unnamed contacts, several of whom the UN admits were not even within Aleppo, to document this alleged crime. It is strangely coincidental that such reports are emerging as the Syrian Army is set to declare victory in Aleppo as a victory there spells certain doom for US-backed “rebel” groups. Though it is possible that such needless civilian life was lost due to the actions of the Syrian army, there needs to be more concrete evidence than “unnamed contacts” before grave accusations become the grounds for a foreign invasion of Syria.

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