[Watch] Aziz Ansari Comically Explains The Injustice Of Factory Farms

When the notably famous speak out about causes that matter, it’s something to be celebrated. The influence actors like Brad Pitt and Donald Sutherland have on the masses is not to be taken lightly, which is why Aziz Ansari’s comedic explanation of factory farms is worth watching and sharing.

In a riff against farming, Ansari talked lightly about the heavy topic in an “it’s funny because it’s true” manner.

“You know how they make eggs? They genetically engineer chickens,” begins the former “Parks and Recreation” star. He then breaks down the difference between a layer chicken and a broiler chicken. “They throw the layer male chickens in a chicken wood chipper and another thing they do is stuff them in a big plastic big and suffocate them, and, yeah, it’s a bummer. None of us are into that. We all check ‘no’ on that box.”

The vegan comedian had a plan to his routine. Believing that obscure documentaries and books aren’t the best way to illicit the mass outrage that would result in change, he suggests CNN does “a mad raid” at rapper Ja Rule’s house, reports Ecorazzi.

“And then they saw he had a massive plastic bag with which he suffocates chickens and we would all be like, ‘Ja Rule! What are you doing?’” Ansari says.  “And he’d say, ‘I’m sorry! I just wanted some eggs! I had to make some ethical compromises…it’s murder!’”

Ansari then imagines the rapper calling him up about his bit and telling him how he never knew eggs were made that way, and how he’s now suddenly interested in veganism and vegetarianism and doing PSAs against factory farming.

“Every day millions of chickens are in tiny cages the size of a piece of paper. They’re sh*ting all over each other in these disease-ridden factory farms,” Ansari says to Ja Rule. “This the meat we put in our mouths! This is the meat we put in our children’s mouths! If you think the government should regulate the meat industry: holla! holla!”

His act may be humorous, but the sad reality is that all over the world, baby male chicks are ground up (usually alive) as a byproduct of the egg industry.

If you vibe with Ansari’s relatable spin on the important issue that needs to be discussed publicly more often, please share this news to raise awareness. 

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