[Watch] Company Gives Its Employees $100 To Carry Out Kindness

What would you do with $100? No wait, what could you do for others with $100?

This is the challenge a media company in New York challenged its employees with… just because it could.

On a cold Friday in April, one of the executives of Nylon conjured up the idea of giving every team member one hundred dollars and letting them decide how to use it. Because the company produces videos, they decided to send a crew out to follow each of the ten employees around on their #100DollarChallenge quest.

At first the workers felt quite stressed about taking time out of their busy schedule to participate in charity work (all were under a deadline for the next issue)… But after brightening the lives of countless others, they all reported feeling refreshed and re-energized from the experience.

“The feedback was tremendous and everyone was really excited about giving back to the community,” CEO Paul Greenberg told Good News Network. “They felt really, really good for a long time afterwards.”

From tipping a waitress $100 to buying pizza and socks for folks at a homeless shelter, the feel-good video definitely excels at conveying the beauty of giving to others just because you can.

Credit: GoodNewsNetwork
Credit: GoodNewsNetwork

And did you know? Science has actually proven that being charitable helps you feel ‘really, really good’. Try brightening someone else’s day tomorrow and experience it for yourself!

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