[Watch] Dramatic Rescue Of Drowning Family By Strangers In Texas

After an SUV flipped over, trapping a father, toddler, and infant in a fast-moving river, strangers banded together to save all three of their lives.

Credit: New York Post

Last weekend, tornadoes devastated Myrtle Springs, Texas. Encouraged to help those in his local community, Tom Mitchell ventured to town with a willingness to be of assistance. It is fortunate he and a handful of other people did, for the lives of several people were saved thanks to their activism.

Mitchell was looking for ways to help out in the small town when he noticed a disaster unfolding. According to WFAA, an SUV had flipped and was stuck in fast-moving water; an infant and a toddler were trapped inside. Immediately, Mitchell began filming as he lacked the physical strength to be of more use. The footage he caught, however, has gone viral.

At one point, the video shows five or six people in the water. Then, suddenly, the infant is free, albeit limp.

“The infant is white, going blue-ish grey.” Tom says in the video. “No color at all and the eyes were not focused when I looked down at her.”

At that moment, Tom knew what part he played in the dramatic rescue. He put the phone in his pocket and began resuscitating the infant.

“This baby is gonna die if we don’t start CPR fast,” Tom said. “Having a negative feeling coming over me. This baby may not make it, this baby may not make it. No reaction, nothing is happening.”

What happened next is close to miraculous. A woman walked over, stepping over Tom’s shoulder, and began to pray. In the footage, the air is stiff as she cries,

“Dear Jesus, please let this baby breathe. Dear Jesus, please let this baby breathe.”

When recounting the incident, Tom stated that with the first prayer he felt a response in the child. Next, the good samaritans turned their attention to the toddler, who they also revived.

Some have asked Mitchell why he felt the story needed to be shared. He has simply responded, “I think it shows how the community and strangers all come together.”

On Sunday, the father of the two children said he and his infant son are doing much better. Additionally, the toddler was reported to be in stable condition “and doing much better.”

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