Watch How “The Dress” Color Illusion Debate Is Being Used To Highlight A Much More Serious Issue


Recently the internet erupted in a debate about whether the dress above is black and blue, or white and gold. This optical illusion went viral, with people divided into two groups who saw two completely different color combinations.

The Salvation Army in South Africa has rushed to ride the wave of hit hashtag #thedress with a powerful meme on this viral discussion. They dressed a model in a white and gold dress and covered her in bruises, sparking a much more important debate about domestic violence just in time for International Women‘s Day.

With a Twitter message that instantly went viral on the network, The Salvation Army posted this strong image, together with the words: ‘Is it so hard to see black and blue? 1 in 6 women are victims.’

Some people were critical of the campaign, but most have congratulated the charity for shining a light on an issue that goes mostly unseen. What do you think? Is this a genius step in the right direction, or a step too far? Let us know in the comments, and please consider sharing if you want to help raise awareness. You can watch a full video report from ABC7 below.

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