Watch Out, Google, This Website Plants Trees With Every Search


For a number of reasons, the search engine Google has been in the news lately. First, it tried to buy-out a vegan cheeseburger company (and failed), and then it entered into contract to provide Wi-Fi to the entire nation of Sri Lanka. Whatever the company is up to next, it better watch out, for there’s a greener, more conscious search engine expected to surpass it in popularity.

That’s right, the new site ‘Ecosia’ might be one of the best ways to ‘do good’ without spending a cent…or really, doing anything.

As Upworthy reports, for every search an individual makes through Ecosia, .5 cents goes towards the planting of a tree in Burkina Faso, Africa. 

For over half a century, a huge drought has devastated the region, and by planting trees, both the ecosystem and the population benefit.

Here’s how it works: 

  1. You search something, and Ecosia makes its money from search income. (Meaning money made from the ads displayed when you scour the internet).
  2. Each search earns about half a cent.
  3. To plant a tree, it costs 28 cents. So for about 56 searches, you can help plant a tree in Burkina Faso!

And really, most people could easily rack up 56 searches in one day – it is the ‘Information Age’, after all!


By contributing to the reforestation of Burkina Faso, food will become more available (as drought dries up vegetation), jobs will become more prevalent, and happiness levels might overall increase (did you read the article “New Study: Living Near Trees Is Good For Your Body AND Wallet”?)

If you’re interested in comparing the accuracy of Ecosia’s results to Google’s, read Upworthy’s review.


So far, Ecosia has already planted just under 2.5 million trees. If you’re ready to ‘be the change’, go to and begin searching!

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