[Watch] Pedestrian Brilliantly Sticks Out Leg To Trip Man Running From Police

Kingston Police Facebook

What would you do if a man came barreling down a street with a group of angry police behind him?

Most people would likely step aside, in the hope that they would avoid confrontation and/or injury. But some people are just natural heroes, such as the anonymous man in the video above.

As police in Kingston chased a suspected criminal down the street, a member of the public nonchalantly raised his leg to trip the individual so he could be captured by the cops.

He then kept walking, smoothly, with the woman on his arm.

Commented Bernie Crean on the Kingston Police Facebook post:

“Hands in pockets and a little flick of the ankle…. Priceless.”

According to Good News Network, Borough Commander was “extremely impressed” when he saw the surveillance video and would very much like to meet the unnamed man so he can “personally say thanks!”

“So if you’re out there get in touch.”

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