[Watch] Raccoons Form Chain So Mom Can Pull Baby Over Wall

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

Animals are far more intelligent than most humans give them credit for. Just take a look at the chain a family of raccoons created to ensure that no member of the unit was left behind when they crossed over a wall.

The nocturnal animals worked together in a way humans normally have to plan and prep for. Of course, activists recently formed a similar chain to rescue a dog stuck near dangerous waters.

In the video, the adult raccoon can be seen leaning over the wall to grab the baby while another raccoon holds onto its legs.

The incredible footage was captured by a police officer in Missouri who spotted the raccoons making a break for it near a high school.

“The mother raccoon leaned over the wall as the baby held onto her legs so she could reach out and grab the other baby and pull him up,” Williams wrote on YouTube. “Great example of a mother’s love and teamwork!”

Perhaps nothing is as powerful as the bond between family members. This is evident in all species.

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