[Watch] These Pets Flip Out When They See Donald Trump

Credit: The Dodo
Credit: The Dodo

Donald Trump is not a fan-favorite for approximately half of Americans (to be honest, neither is Hillary for a large amount of people) and these pets can sense it.

From barking, to hissing, to downright attempting to hurt him, these furry friends absolutely freak out when they see Donald Trump’s face. Maybe it’s because their humans don’t like The Donald or maybe it’s because they don’t agree with his politics, but for whatever reason they have decided that they would rather not have the Republican candidate.

Since officials are saying that Hillary won the first presidential debate, it appears that these pets are on the mark about Trump. As the debate went on, Trump’s volume increased and his arguments became less coherent and resembled rants more than anything.

Watch these pets below to see what they really think of Donald Trump.


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