[Watch] This Is EXACTLY How Climate Change Deniers Sound To Informed People

Despite top-tier scientists urging the public to take seriously the concern of climate change, the United States populace remains largely unconvinced on the matter.

In fact, fewer U.S. citizens consider climate change to be a “serious threat” compared to two years ago, even as scientific evidence demonstrates that the problem has become increasingly severe, according to a recent poll.

Unfortunately, there’s not much to do about the conundrum. One could get upset – or they could make jokes. The latter is precisely the route Girl Pants Productions took, and their hilarious video is definitely worth watching.

To those who are informed about the very serious reality of climate change, it’s a less than enjoyable topic to debate about with friends and co-workers. Thankfully, this humorous video sheds some light on what it sounds like for informed folk to talk with climate change deniers.

Credit: Global Girls Productions
Credit: Global Girls Productions

In one instance, someone tells their friend, “You should probably slow down. That’s a yellow light,” to which he respond, “What do you want me to do about it? It’s going to turn red. It’s been red before.” 

Another sketch shows a house on fire. A young woman exclaims, “We have to stop those flames!” Her friend responds: “I’m not a firefighter. I’m not qualified to make those decisions!” 

While the public is waiting for a trusted authority figure to come forward and validate climate change concerns, it is past time everyone take personal initiative and “be the change.”  As reported before, mankind has already set in motion many events which cannot be prevented, but the extent to which they reshape Earth and inevitably affect all of life on the planet can be lessened by taking action today. 

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