Watch This Pregnant Woman Tell Pro-Lifers Why They Have It All Wrong

A heavily pregnant woman lashed out at anti-abortion activists this week and gave a passionate speech that shocked them into silence. The lady in this video, who got involved with a debate outside a London abortion clinic, works with vulnerable girls who have been badly abused. “You don´t know why people are coming here, you don´t know their stories,” she points out angrily. She makes a logical and compassionate case for the pro-choice argument when she opens their eyes to the fact many girls who choose abortion have been abused mentally, sexually or emotionally, and many have no support, money or means to bring up a child. What right does anybody have to judge them and call them murderers when they have no clue about the circumstances or the woman’s mental health, the pregnant lady asks the pale-faced activists.

In Britain this week, a mother left hospital with her five day-old baby and disappeared. Today, tragically, both of them were found dead. Cases like these, says the pregnant woman passionately, show what happens when women who are not ready for motherhood, women who are mentally or emotionally unstable, have unwanted children. Do we really want a world full of children who are not loved or cared for? Isn’t it better that they don’t suffer that misery? When one of the small group of pro-lifers tells the pregnant woman she had an abortion herself (and that´s why she now hijacks other peoples’ decisions), the pregnant hero has another piece of wisdom to share which leaves them all open-mouthed.

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