Watch What Happens When These Chimps Experience Nature for the First Time!

Less than a year ago, the Humane Society of the United States rescued 111 chimpanzees from horrendous conditions in testing facilities and gave them – the first opportunity for most – their natural right to a peaceful habitat. Partnering with Chimp Haven, they nearly doubled the number of apes residing at the sanctuary, and also set a record for the largest number of chimps ever rescued at one time.

Since that occasion, an undercover investigation of animal testing facility New Iberia Research Center – the largest chimpanzee laboratory in the world – allowed HSUS the opportunity to give another 110 free lab chimps a new home!

Watch the remarkable video below:

One chimp, Arden, notably captures the heart of her rescuers, testifying through passionate behavior the happiness that can result from the simple gift of freedom.

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